Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions of use which a user agrees to be bound to by continuing to make use of this website. We reserve the right to update these terms and the associated Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice to users.

You shall use this website only for lawful purposes, and in a way that does not infringe the rights of, restrict or inhibit anyone else's use of the website. Discouraged behaviour includes harassing or causing distress or inconvenience to any person, transmitting obscene or offensive content within this website and the associated chat module.

Disclaimer of liability

Jivuu encourages its users to directly interact and deal directly for the sale and purchase of Domain Names. It is however, in no way, responsible for the transaction which is to take place as a result of such communication. Buyers and Sellers should remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to avoid getting defrauded.

Transfer of Domain Ownership

It is assumed that the user is aware of applicable regulations and policies to the transfer of domain ownership while dealing on the platform. Domains may vary in terms of the applicable laws and regulations depending on the level of domain. Jivuu is not responsible for any legal complications which arise as a result of deals made via our platform. Users should be apprised of pertinent rules and regulations to avoid negative consequences. Users may avail our Domain Transfer services to avoid any mishaps or complications.

Local Laws

All individuals making use of this website are subject to applicable local laws which they must abide by in their own capacity. We shall not be held responsible for users making use of this website in breach of any local applicable laws.


Jivuu reserves the right to suspend/delete user accounts and domain listings it suspects of misusing the platform or being deceitful. Users may reach out to [email protected] to request a review of their case and provide due justifications if asked for to resume use of the platform. Such oversight is necessary to ensure a smooth experience for users of the platform and to maintain high standards of quality. Actions which may lead to suspension of an account or removal of a domain listing are as follows.


Jivuu allows users to communicate directly with each other through a chat module. The misuse of this service such as spam, obscenity or deceitful activities can lead to suspension or deletion of user accounts and all associated domain listings.

Collected Information

Domain listings created on this website are owned by the domain owners but Jivuu reserves the right to modify, amend or remove a listing as they see fit. By creating a listing and enabling display of contact information, a user agrees to display data in a public domain and we take no liability of how this information is used. We take no responsibility regarding the accuracy of the information provided and are not accountable in case a user is impersonating as someone else after verification of their Phone Number or Email Address. Incase of such misuse, our Data Protection Officer can be contacted on [email protected] . “Jivuu” also collects data to record user behavior and for the purpose of statistics. Further details about data use can be found in our Privacy Policy. Jivuu also collects user information which may be used to personally identify a user. This includes but is not limited to IP Address, Device details, Browser Info. date and time, Browsing activity.


This website displays ads in affiliation with its partners and sponsors. We are not responsible for the content of advertisements shown on this website and our associated Social Media Pages/Profiles in any way.

Data Protection

Jivuu understands the critical nature of information such as Phone Numbers and Email Addresses in addition to other collected user data and strives to safeguard all user information in the best possible way. For further details about how we handle user data, you can view our Privacy Policy or direct your queries to our Data Protection Officer by emailing on [email protected]

Jivuu’s Role

Jivuu acts as an interface between Buyer and Seller by providing means of communication between the two parties. The services it provides allows compliant users to perform the following actions:

  • List their domain(s) for sale on the platform. It is up to the user to verify the legitimacy of a Domain listing and/or the person with whom a deal is being conducted. Jivuu can not be held responsible for any loss be it financial or other as a result of direct communication on our platform or engagement through the contact details on a domain listing
  • Contact a user regarding a domain either by utilizing the contact details (Phone Number/Email Address) on a domain listing (if domain owner/seller has made them public) or by making an offer through the platform.
  • Users have the option to hide their contact details on domain(s). Jivuu is in no manner responsible for the use of this information by other individuals and external services.